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 "I have seen several massage therapists over the years for low back pain subsequent to back surgery. They all helped to one degree or another, but nobody has been able to deliver the degree of relief that Donna Hollenbeck of Soothing Solutions has been able to achieve. Her Arthrossage is both gentle and effective, which is not something I can say for all of my prior practitioners. Donna's whole-body approach results in a more balanced feeling upon completion, where others used to target my 'problem areas' only. This approach yields benefits that I had not anticipated initially; I tend to tense against the back pain, and I carry that in different body areas without realizing it much of the time. Other therapists would miss this at times; Donna never does, as she treats the whole person, not just the problem areas. I have at times walked in there a wreck, and walked out a wholly different man; I can neither thank or recommend her enough."

Client--Bristol, NH


  "In 2009 I was experiencing periodic discomfort/pain in my upper shoulders and down the center of my back. An MRI showed that it was probably caused by arthritis. Coincidently (?), a short time later I heard of Soothing Solutions and arthromassage. I had never had any sort of professional massage, but thought it was worth a try. It turned out to be very worthwhile.

 I expected the therapy to be a concentration on the spinal area. However, it turned out to be attention to the whole body. The procedure was warm, gentle and respectful. The first session was so rewarding that I went back again. The results were progressively better.

 I sincerely recommend this type of therapy to anyone who suffers from arthritis."

 78-year-old client--Meredith NH


"I have had many massages before,none were as gentle, but as effective as those I received at Soothing Solutions." Client--Gilford  NH


 "In October '09 I fell off my bike, landing directly on my right shoulder.  An MRI and Xrays confirmed that all four tendons had been severed.  
      On Jan 4, '10 I underwent a nearly 5 hour operation to repair and rebuild the tendons.  The surgeon, who specializes in shoulder work, told my wife afterward that it "was the worst shoulder I have seen in ten years."   Physical Therapy began within a week, while the joint was immobilized for five months.  The surgeon said that he had done 10% of the work, and the remaining 90% was up to me; and I decided if I was to ever ski again, I would do the work.
      After coming out of the sling in late spring, and working twice weekly with a P T expert, I decided to try Therapeutic Massage, and found Donna.  Weekly visits have resulted in an increased range of motion, averaging between 5 & 7% each month, as measured by the Physical Therapist, who said on November 17 that she never thought I would get this much motion back when she first worked on me in February.  I feel that work done by Donna has added significantly to my happy return to the "normal" world of good mobility, and I am looking forward to downhill skiing again this winter.   My surgeon and physician agree that the use of massage has been beneficial, and ought to be continued.   
      Donna is great at manipulating without adding to the stress, and the relaxation while on the table has also led to my lowest blood pressure  readings in over 30 years." 

Client-New London, NH


"In the past couple of years, I began running and fell in love with the sport.  But, as with all new things, you have your ups and your downs.  I started having knee pain and was worried that maybe running wasn't something I would be able to continue to do, and this bothered me so much.  I knew Donna had gone through massage therapy training and I called her to ask her if she thought this type of therapy would help me and that's when she introduced me to "Arthrossage".  On my first visit, I was a little apprehensive because I was afraid it would make my knees ache even more than they did but much to my surprise, I left Donnas' office with absolutely NO pain.  I was a believer.

 I highly recommend Donna and the wonderful healing of massage therapy to everyone, it made such a difference for me."

Client- Bristol, NH


 "Having osteoarthritis in one knee has limited my ability to enjoy my usually active lifestyle.  With regular Arthrossage therapy sessions, my knee and overall body feel great.  I am able to fully enjoy many activities that would have been difficult.   I would highly recommend Arthrossage therapy for anyone suffering with arthritis."    Client-Bristol, NH

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