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Services Offered

Customized Blend- A unique blend of several different techniques tailored to your body's specific needs and health concerns. May include Swedish, Neuromuscular, and essential oils. Offered in 30 Minute, 1 Hour, and 90 Minute sessions.

Arthrossage™-- This unique combination of Eastern and Western massage techniques is designed to address the discomfort and degeneration associated with many types of Arthritits. It can help to restore some of the strength and flexibility which can become so compromised in people suffering from arthritic conditions. Arthrossage is performed with the client fully-clothed wearing flexible garments such as exercise clothing. Offered in 1 Hour and 90 Minute intensive treatment sessions.

Sports Arthrossage™-- The same technique that works so well for arthritis is modified for an intensive sports massage. This treatment has been successfully implemented with top NFL players to increase speed and agility and minimize injuries. Sports Arthrossage can increase range of motion and help to correct postural misalignments that can contribute to injury and long-term damage. Offered in 1 Hour and 90 Minute intensive treatment sessions.

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